NEW YORK. One of the biggest challenges in any criminal justice case faced by the criminal defense lawyer will involve the jury. In a criminal defense case, the jury is one of the great unknowns of trial. On a fundamental level, the jury is composed of strangers, who may have their own biases and ideas about justice Yet, there are many strategies a criminal defense lawyer can use to protect his or her client and gain a better understanding of the jury. For instance, supplemental juror questionnaires can allow a criminal defense lawyer to get to know the jurors better and uncover any potential biases.

Virtual reality

It is important to understand that many factors can play a role in a juror’s ultimate decision. These factors include race, gender, age, occupation, upbringing, community, and politics. Personality and influence can also play important roles in deliberations. For instance a confident and authoritarian juror could influence other less confident jurors, even jurors whose education and sense of ethics may suggest that they would vote in a logical manner.

Yet, as long as jurors remain uneducated about the issues that lead to crime in the first place, and as long as jurors remain unempathetic to individuals who are charged with crimes, biases and issues in achieving justice may continue to exist. This is where Project Empathy comes in. According to PC Magazine, Project Empathy offers individuals a glimpse into what life is like in solitary confinement using virtual reality technology. Former inmates tell their stories, from what led them to commit the crimes they were charged with, to what life was like behind bars. Project Empathy’s goal is to make the real impact of incarceration vivid to those in power. Those in power may include lawmakers, but perhaps they could also include jurors as well.

Until more people become educated about the realities facing communities that are most often targeted by the criminal justice system, one of the best ways to get a fair jury is to ask the right questions during jury selection. The Spodek Law Group, P.C. are New York criminal defense lawyers who understand the unique challenges individuals face when they are charged with crimes. You need a caring and compassionate, but tough, lawyer on your side, working to help you get the best possible resolution for your case. This means looking at every detail, from the jury that will hear the trial, to the quality of the evidence presented, to the full range of options available to each client.

Facing criminal charges in New York City can be a frightening experience. The prosecuting attorneys and officers often have a great deal of power in terms of gathering evidence and building a case. You need a criminal defense lawyer who will pay attention to the details and build the strongest possible defense. If you’re facing charges, visit today to learn more about how to protect your freedom and your rights.