Brooklyn Child Custody Attorneys

For over 36 years, Spodek Law Group has been fighting to help Brooklyn residents get the child custody settlements they deserve. Nobody knows better than us how important children are — since 1976, we’ve been a proud family business. When you work with us, you become a part of that family, too.

Having to fight for the custody of your children is never a pleasant experience, but with aggressive representation and compassionate support from our team of Brooklyn child custody attorneys, we can make the process easier on you.

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Ready to Fight for You

In the courtroom or at the negotiating table, Spodek Law Group’s legal team is ready to fight for your right to see your children. We are always prepared to go to trial for our clients and will use every resource at our disposal — from legal precedents to forensic and psychological evaluations – to get you the settlement you want.


Conviction and Compassion

We understand our clients are coming to us from an emotional place. Nothing is more important than family, and there’s undeniably a lot of stress when you risk losing yours. Our clients can contact us at any time, whether it’s about their case or simply to vent. We are a compassionate, understanding firm that will support you through every step of the process.


Just a Train Ride Away

Our offices our conveniently located locally in Brooklyn. We understand King’s county residents have the choice of any number of child custody lawyers in Brooklyn proper, but we’ll go out of our way to convince you of the benefits of choosing us. From free consultations to 24-hour support, Spodek Law Group provides outstanding service and aggressive representation in all child custody and divorce cases.

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