NEW YORK. Iman Shumpert, the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers guard was recently arrested under suspicion of a DUI. The player was arrested when he was stopped for a lane violation. According to the Cavaliers, the NBA is monitoring the progress of the player’s case. It isn’t clear whether he will face suspension for his actions. Whether you’re an NBA basketball player, a doctor, or a professional, criminal violations, like DUIs, can have an impact on your career.

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According to AOL, the consequences of a DUI conviction can last long after your jail sentence is served and long after you’ve gotten your driver’s license back. For instance, police officers who are found guilty of a DUI can face suspension or the loss of their jobs. The suspension of your driver’s license can make it difficult to go to and from work, but if you work in a field where driving is required, a DUI can result in the loss of your license. For instance, truck drivers, bus drivers, or other commercial vehicle operators may risk losing their ability to operate a commercial vehicle.

It may be wise to read your company’s policy on criminal convictions. Many companies fire employees if they have been charged with a crime. Some employers may require that you let them know if you have been arrested. Furthermore, if you join a diversion program, you may be required to let your employer know.

In some states, a criminal conviction can make it difficult for you to get or retain your professional license. So, if you work as a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, or even as a plumber, a DUI conviction can put you at risk of losing your license and your job. It is important to understand how a DUI conviction or how a plea deal could impact your ability to maintain your professional license. Additionally, a DUI on your record could also limit your educational opportunities. Some federal financial aid for education is restricted to individuals who do not have criminal records. Some schools require individuals to disclose arrests and criminal charges.

With the consequences of a DUI being so serious, it is clear that the penalties of a DUI go far beyond the fines, the loss of a driver’s license, and the damage to your record and reputation. If you’re being charged with a DUI in New York City, a criminal defense lawyer like the Spodek Law Group, P.C. attorneys may be able to review your case and help you protect your reputation and your livelihood.

A DUI charge can also result in missed days at work. A DUI lawyer may be able to work with you and the courts to help you miss as few days as possible and also shield you from unnecessary appearances, when possible. A DUI is a serious criminal charge and it is important that you take measures to protect your rights and reputation. If you’re facing a DUI charge, visit today to learn more about your options.