New York Grandparent Visitation Lawyers

One of the great joys of living a long and fruitful life is having grandchildren. Spending quality time with your grandkids gives you the opportunity to pass on the knowledge and wisdom you’ve acquired over the years while also taking pride in watching them grow.


Getting Help With Grandparent Visitation Rights in NY

Unfortunately, situations such as the divorce or separation of parents or the untimely death of one or both parents can sometimes place grandparent visitation rights in jeopardy. The good news is that if you’re a grandparent in NYC or New York State who believes your visitation rights are being violated, assistance is just a phone call away.

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Contact the Spodek Law Group for Grandparent Visitation Legal Issues

The Spodek Law Group gives you access to a team of New York State and New York City grandparent visitation lawyers who understand the various legal as well as emotional issues you are experiencing. We may be able to help you find creative solutions to your situation and exercise your full New York State grandparent visitation rights under the law. We’ll also serve as your staunch legal advocate in grandchild custody issues if relevant to your situation.


We’re Always There When You Need Us

At Spodek Law Group, we view you as more than just a client; we’re a family owned and operated law firm that considers you a part of our extended family. You can always reach us whenever you need us, including nights and weekends. Our loyalty to our clients is a primary reason why we’ve been a trusted New York City law firm for nearly four decades.


Initial Consultation at No Charge

We recognize that the decision to pursue legal action regarding grandparent visitation rights in New York is not an easy one. The Spodek Law Group gives you the opportunity to consult with our grandparent visitation lawyers at no charge. We’ll sit down with you to discuss the specific facts surrounding your case and help you determine if moving forward is right for you.

Don’t let issues involving grandparent visitation rights negatively impact the quality of your life. Contact the Spodek Law Group: “Treating you like family since 1976.”