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Intuit Payments




To pay by Paypal, or by a Debit or Credit Card:

  1. Please fill out the information underneath Paypal Payments. Please enter your first name, and your last name. Please put in the description the client’s name and/or the invoice number.

  2. Please click Pay Now

    1. If you have a Paypal account, please fill in your username and login into your Paypal account.

    2. If you do not have a Paypal account, please click “Don’t have a Paypal account?”

      1. Please then fill out your name, address, and number and your debit or credit card number.

To pay by Check:

  1. Please click the Pay Now button under the Intuit Payments logo

  2. Click “Make payment without creating an account”

  3. Please fill out the invoice number or the clients name, the amount, your email address

  4. Please fill out the bank account information

  5. Please fill out the bank account holder’s information


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