White Collar Defense Attorney in New York

White collar crimes are sometimes viewed as less serious offenses because they typically do not result in physical harm to the victim. However, the penalties for white collar crimes perpetrated in New York can be severe, especially if they involve the alleged theft of large sums of money. With the pervasiveness of the Internet and cyber crimes, prosecutions of offenses such as hacking, computer fraud and identity theft are on the rise and can carry significant prison sentences. Contacting a white collar defense attorney in New York can be in your best interest if you have been accused of committing this type of crime.


Spodek Law Group: Aggressive White Collar Crime Lawyers in NYC

The Spodek Law Group includes a team of white collar crime lawyers in NYC who are well-versed in areas such as cyber crime, bank fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud and bribery. Whether you work on Wall Street or in the banking or computer field, or have been accused of committing a non-work-related crime, we may be able to help you to favorably resolve the legal issues that could negatively impact your professional and personal life for many years to come.

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We Provide 24/7 Service for Our Clients

We recognize you may need the services of a white collar defense attorney in New York at any time of day or night, or you just might need someone to talk to during this unsettling period in your life. When Spodek Law Group handles your case, you get access to a caring white collar defense attorney on a 24/7 basis, not just during “normal” business hours.


We Treat Our Clients Like Family

Family is a primary focus of the Spodek Law Group; we’re a family owned and operated firm that understands the importance of strong family ties during challenging times. Our clients are more than just names on a court docket. When you become a Spodek client, we also consider you to be a member of our large extended family.


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